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Intercom / Communications

Wireless Intercom 6-Pack

-[1] Radio Active Designs UV1G Basestation

-[6] Wireless Beltpacks

-[6] Headsets

-[3] 4-Way Rackmount Battery Chargers

-[12] Rechargeable Batteries

-[1] Professional Wireless Systems Domed Helical TX Antenna

-[1] Radio Active Designs VF1 High Gain RX Antenna

Hardwire Intercom Kit

-[10] RTS BP325 2CH Beltpacks

-[10] Telex PH-88 On Ear Headsets

-[1] RTS Source Assign Panel

-[2] PS20 Powersupplies

Studio Technologies 46a 2W to 4W Interface

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