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In Response to COVID-19, we are beginning to offer DRIVE IN worship service support. What does that mean? How can we have a service?

Humanity is not meant to be in isolation and being cooped up at home is tough. Web-streaming is a great solution for those who cannot make it to service, but many still crave the tradition of coming together with their community. We give houses of worship solutions to continue to gather in safe, yet non-traditional ways.  

Our solution is the "Drive In Worship Service". While safely isolated in vehicles, members can see each other, listen to the teachings together, and worship in community.

What do we offer?

  • Huge LED Outdoor Rated Screens

  • Sound Systems & FM Transmission Solutions

  • Support Structures to get the perfect viewing angle of the LED Screen placed where the most eyes can see it

  • Power distribution/Generators

Using the existing AV infrastructure commonly found in houses of worship, we have cost effective solution that can accommodate congregations of all sizes. 

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